Treat as Urgent and Get Back To Me

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Puppet Blok at Dixon Place
Vanessa Petrarca in Treat as Urgent and Get Back to Me

The Queen of the Apes will be unveiling a new piece as part of PuppetBlok at Dixon Place, Thursday, October 12, 2017

Treat as Urgent and Get Back to Me takes its text directly from a Facetime Conversation with a friend who undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and spam emails that leverage cancer and other tales of woe to prey on the credulous and compassionate. No penises will be enlarged, but a breed of mutant puppets will be metastasized from a trio of spectra nurses live onstage.

Written and directed by Ayun Halliday 

With Marjorie Duffield, Chris Lindsay-Abaire, Stephen O’Rourke, Vanessa Petrarca and Stephanie Summerville


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#NSA by Parker Allen Stanley

PuppetBlok is made possible in part with funds from the Jim Henson Foundation. More info and tickets here.

Sociable Apes...


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ZamboniIn response to a slew of dust ups regarding audience members using their cell phones to text, take photos and screw around on social media during live theatrical performances, the cast and crew of Zamboni Godot invites you to buy a ticket and bring your sketchbook and drawing tools to our Wednesday night performance at The Brick.

Cell Phone Brain keeps you at arm’s length from the action.

Sketchbook Brain draws you in.

We did this in 2015 for Fawnbook and it was a lot of fun for all involved.

The Zamboner Chorus will be posing onstage for your long drawing pleasure prior to curtain, after which the 80 minute performance will proceed as usual… there are moments of stillness and moments of activity.

Zamboni Godot is a raucous mid-life meditation on the comedy of existence, the hell of long term relationships and the play where “nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes…”

Starring 9 middle aged women and 9 red chairs!

Tickets and more intel available here.

The Brick is intimate – every seat offers a good view.

Some of the 21 scenes feature moody lighting – feel free to bring a bitty book light, or some other discreet page-illuminating device for the more shadowy scenes

We’d love to see and share your work after the show.

Doors open at 7:00 – Come early to select your seat and avail yourself of some longer preshow poses.

RSVP on Facebook.

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