Girl Scout Cookies in the Lobby

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Be Prepared!  Plan to arrive a little early to settle up with the Scout, and maybe see how Thin Mints (which are vegan, BTW) taste when dipped in wine or beer, which the Tank also sells beforehand. 


Girl Scout s’mores
crunchy graham sandwich cookies with chocolate and marshmallowy filling $5

Indulgently rich, buttery cookies with sweet, crunchy golden toffee bits. And gluten-free $5

Savannah Smiles
lemon-flavored cookies dusted with powdered sugar, $4

Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwich
crisp and crunchy oatmeal on the outside and creamy peanut butter inside. $4

Peanut Butter Patties Tagalongs
A layer of peanut butter with a rich chocolaty coating $4

A shortbread cookie with our traditional logo $4

Thin Mints
our round, mint-flavored cookies with a delicious chocolaty coating and Vegan $4

Caramel deLites / Samoas
caramel and toasted coconut-covered cookies $4

insta cookies

Sociable Apes...

Our New Monthly-ish Series

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We spend a lot of time in the stacks of the New York Society Library, truffling up fabulous, illustrated, long-forgotten volumes. Like broken shells on the beach, they get us right in the ol’ bread basket. How to save them from permanent obscurity? HOW’S ABOUT WE RESURRECT ‘EM AS A MONTHLY LOW-BUDGET NYC VARIETY SHOW???Necromancers fbook Event Banner Feb 8

Join us for the first installment, won’t you? More info here!

Sociable Apes...