Necromancers of the Public Domain

Dear Humans, it is with heavy heart we let you know that we must shutter I AM NOBODY and the March and April 2020 installments of NECROMANCERS OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN for all the reasons you have come to expect over the last 24 hours.

🦍❤️Thanks to those who caught our previews and performances, and to the hardworking performers and crew.
Theater of the Apes will rise again and we hope you’ll be there to receive us when we do.

Each month, we pluck a long forgotten volume from the shelves of the New York Society Library to resurrect as a one-night-only NYC variety show…

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COMING UP:  Monday, March 16, 8pm

A Historical Sketch of Perkin Warbeck Pretender to the Crown of England by Edwin Henes Jr. & Geo. Chauncey Briner (1902)

At  The Tank, 312 West 36th Street, NYC 

Meanwhile a new claimant to the throne appeared, styling himself Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York. According to his own account he was the second son of Edward IV., and had been saved alive when his brother was put to death.
– From the book, 1921

– From the book, 1921

Murder of the Princes in the Tower by J.Northcote (1786)



Charming Disaster with Heather Cole (Spells + Rituals)

Liam English (NaruTalk: The Naruto ShipPodcast)

Ed Horan  (Princeton University Rock Ensemble)

Shelton Pritchard Lindsay (The Shallow B-Rate Spectacle / Story As Rite)

Patrick Nash (PND)

Aurora O’Greenfield (flower fairy of the wayside)

Akin Salawu (LIT Council)

Dejen Tesfagiorgis (Let’s Make a Mixtape / Solid Footing)

Hosted by Queen of the Apes, Ayun Halliday (I AM NOBODY / East Village Inky)


$15. Beer and wine available in the lobby.

Invite your friends! Let us know you’re coming!

Read the full text here.

New decade! New shows! Old books! New life!

Relive the glory of Necromancers Past here.

Peek under our petticoats as New York Theater Review interviews Ayun about Necromancer’s withers, whys and wherefores.


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