Necromancers of the Public Domain

Each month, we pluck a long forgotten volume from the shelves of the New York Society Library and resurrect it as a low budget variety show.


COMING UP:  Monday, May 13 8pm

Childhood by Alice Maynell (1913)

At  The Tank312 West 36th Street, NYC  Tickets on sale now!

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Nick Balaban  (Blues Clues / Rho & the Nomads)

Anthony Dean   (Glass Attic Collective / Vandals)

Bob Laine (The Books of the Bobul / It’s Getting Tired Mildred) with Timothy McCown Reynolds and Jeff Lewonczyk

Connor Kalista (The Neo-Futurists)

Shayna Lawson (so much Shakespeare)

Anna Padgett (The Good Ms. Padgett / The Naysayer)

Charles Reaves with Andria Alefhi (We’ll Never Have Paris / Listening to Work)

Teresa Toro (The Bushwick Book Club)

Hosted by Queen of the Apes, Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! / East Village Inky)


…children have a thousand distastes. Things are tedious to them. 

We have no right to attribute to them a belief in fairies, 

or an unwearied delight in bread and milk.


$15. Beer and wine available in the lobby


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Peek under our petticoats as New York Theater Review interviews Ayun about Necromancer’s withers, whys and wherefores.

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Monday 8pm JUNE 17
Laurette Taylor
What a magnificent line up!
HUMAN SEE, HUMAN DO! We can’t wait!