Juliet’s Nurse hits the road, deploying her eyewitness observations to correct the record regarding “the greatest love story ever told“.

Inspired by actress / Brooklyn Theater fire survivor Kate Claxton‘s historic lecture tour.

Love! Death! Aging! Teenagers.

Written and performed by Ayun Halliday.

Directed by Spencer Kayden

Presented under the auspices of The Firebird Project


Please note that performance times and venues vary by date!

Sat June 15, 8pm – Episcopal Actors’ Guild Hall (Midtown)

Sun June 16, 7:30pm – Episcopal Actors’ Guild Hall (Midtown)

Mon June 17, 7pm – Bechdel Project (Greenpoint)

Fri June 21, 7pm – Bechdel Project (Greenpoint)

Sat June 22, 7pm – NY Society Library (Upper East Side)

Sun June 23, 8pm – Quimby’s Bookstore (Williamsburg)

& beyond…

August – The Players Ring (Portsmouth, NH)

Monday September 16, 7pm – Phoenix Festival (Nyack NY)

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