I AM NOBODY was cut cruelly short by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to those who caught our previews and performances, and to the hardworking performers and crew.

Stay tuned. I Am Nobody will rise again soon. 🦍❤️


a new guitar-driven chamber musical by Greg Kotis

Coronavirus determined that many of us here in NYC had to close our just opened shows before the press could weigh in.

In absence of a New York Times review, we are lucky to be able to share this endorsement from an anonymous audience member who caught what ended up being our final performance and sent this lovely message to The Tank:

I saw I AM NOBODY on Thursday night and I am so grateful that I saw it – thank you for the beautiful production.  I brought a friend who didn’t know anything about the show and I asked her what she thought afterwards – “Oh!”, she exclaimed,”It was wild and beautiful!!”  I completely agree with her and I know that everyone who watched the show last night would agree too.  It felt so good to be in the theatre, seeing a new piece full of music, love, humour, fighting, driving, and singing with images of the desert, cows kissing, and stars in the night sky.  I fell in love with the actors – it was so joyful to see them radiating their light, doing their thing, and bringing their hearts and humanity to us.  It was a reminder for me of why I love theatre and why I moved to this city a million years ago 🙂

I AM NOBODY photos by Skye Morse-Hodgson

With: Sarah Coffey (lead singer of Stolen Jars) Emilio Christopher Cuesta (Showtime’s Homeland) Ayun Halliday (The NeoFuturists, Theatre of the Apes) Patrick McCartney (Sinister Kid) & Inney Prakash (Yes Weed Can! The Musical) Producer Katie Walenta Set Design by Christopher and Justin Swader (The Bacchae, Classical Theatre of Harlem; A$SAP Rocky’s ‘Lab Rat’), Costume Design by Ayun Halliday (Lunchtime / Zamboni Godot) Lighting Design by Anthony Dean (Cartography at The New Victory/The Kennedy Center) Orchestrations, Vocal Arrangements & Music Direction by Michael Cassedy (HALF-LIFE tv series), Video & Sound Design by David Pym (The Making of King Kong at Target Margin) Fight Choreographer Zelda Gay Stage Manager Sarah Zerod


Music and laughter curing what ails us…