Necromancers of the Public Domain – Past Editions

Each month, we pluck a long forgotten volume from the shelves of the New York Society Library and resurrect it as a low budget variety show. Want to perform at an upcoming Necromancers of the Public Domain? Holler.


June 2018: Pictorial Photography in America (1922)


We cannot claim for our art any outstanding phenomenon like the interest in the radio that has swept the country this year, or any remarkable development in the science of photography like the invention a few years ago of the Lumière plate. The day may come when our exhibitions will show masses of color on their walls which will make the water-colorists and the miniaturists green with envy, but that day is not yet. And I for one would be sorry to see it come. 


Nick Balaban (Blues Clues / Musician around town)

Ellia Bisker (Charming Disaster / Sweet Soubrette)

Avram Gleitsman (Blue Man Group – The Complex)

India Kotis (The Tangibles / )

Greg Kotis (Urinetown / Yeast Nation )

Lilian Rona (Acapella: Classical and Contemporary)

Michael Rubin (Blues Clues / Bubble Guppies)

Shayna Strype (Antrak / Curiouser and Curiouser)

Hosted by Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! The East Village Inky)

Read Pictorial Photography in America (1922) for free online




May 2018: The Spinner Family (1903)

All of Nature’s children are interesting, whether rock or stream, herb or tree, bird or insect or other animal, and the spiders are by no means the least interesting among them all. Nowhere will the student and lover of nature find a more profitable study or a keener joy than in delving into the secrets of the spinners, or watching them solve the problems which they meet in their struggle for existence. 


Bryce Edwards (Gobbydafoo)

Iossy Freud (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Katie Fricas (The Guardian / Spiralbound)

Halley “Halogyn” Gerstel (NYC Dance Educator)

Quintin Harris (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Milo Kotis (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Alix Marello (Jazz Singer/Songwriter)

Rob Neill  (The New York NeoFuturists)

Pearl Rhein (The Bushwick Book Club / Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812)

Michael Rubin (Blues Clues / Bubble Guppies)

Hosted by Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! The East Village Inky)

Read The Spinner Family for free online



April 2018: My Country by Queen Marie of Romania

Once I was a stranger to this people; Now I am one of them, and, because I came from so far, better was I able to see them with their good qualities, and with their defects…

Necromancers: :

Rob Ackerman (Tabletop / Volleygirls)

Nick Balaban (Blues Clues / Musician around town)

Karen Christopher (Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects)

Leah Coloff (This Tree)

Susan Hwang (The Bushwick Book Club / Lusterlit)

Greg Kotis (Urinetown / Yeast Nation )

Charlie Nieland (Lusterlit)

Ben Watts (The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald)

Paul David Young (Faust 3 In the Summer Pavilion)

Hosted by Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! The East Village Inky)

This Necromancers transpired in  in The New York Society Library’s Members Room, a grand setting seldom seen by peasants such as ourselves.

Read an interview between the New York Society Library’s Head Librarian and the Queen of the Apes about the Necromancer process!











March, 2018: Campward Ho! 

Someone has said, “We camp to live with Nature.” If living is knowing, let us then while we camp, learn to know the great out-of-doors, and at the same time take advantage of being together, and learn to live as Scouts. The information given is the result of experience gained not only as a camp Director and a housekeeper, but as a co-worker with hundreds of Scouts whose needs are very real.


Nick Balaban (Blues Clues / Musician around town)

Ellia Bisker (Charming Disaster / Sweet Soubrette)

Debra Castellano ( / Waste Management: The Show)

Susan Hwang (The Bushwick Book Club / Lusterlit)

Charlie Nieland (Lusterlit)

Dejen Tesfagiorgis (Let’s Make a Mixtape / Solid Footing)

Merit Badges by Sandye Renz, Girl Scout cookies by the ROC’s Girl Scout Troop

Listen to Ellia Bisker’s beautiful original song for Campward, Ho! featuring violinist Heather Cole, below:



Necromancers fbook Event Banner Feb 8

February, 2018:  Masterpieces in Colour: Bastien-Lepage 

“There are certain beings who bear the stamp of the divine seal and are preordained to receive the higest favours within the gift of glory; they are fated to pass through life like those brilliant meteors which are seen to flash across the heavens and disappear in the same instant. Bastien-Lepage was one of those meteors.”


Nick Balaban (Pianist extraordinaire)

Raquel Cion ( Me & Mr. Jones: My Intimate Relationship with David Bowie)

Katie Fricas (The Guardian / Fashionique)

Greg Kotis (Urinetown: The Musical)

Susan Hwang (The Bushwick Book Club / Lusterlit)

Charlie Nieland (Lusterlit)

Stencils by Margaret Peot  (The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art)











Below, cartoonist Katie Fricas pulls together her Necromancers’ slideshow lecture on the life of Jules Bastien-Lepage, as recorded by Maia MacDonald for her Process Pieces podcast.