Necromancers of the Public Domain – Past Editions

Each month, we pluck a long forgotten volume from the shelves of the New York Society Library and resurrect it as a low budget variety show. Want to perform at an upcoming Necromancers of the Public Domain? Holler.

Necromancers fbook Event Banner Feb 8

“There are certain beings who bear the stamp of the divine seal and are preordained to receive the higest favours within the gift of glory; they are fated to pass through life like those brilliant meteors which are seen to flash across the heavens and disappear in the same instant. Bastien-Lepage was one of those meteors.”


Nick Balaban (Pianist extraordinaire)

Raquel Cion ( Me & Mr. Jones: My Intimate Relationship with David Bowie)

Katie Fricas (The Guardian / Fashionique)

Greg Kotis (Urinetown: The Musical)

Susan Hwang (The Bushwick Book Club / Lusterlit)

Charlie Nieland (Lusterlit)


Hosted by Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! / Queen of the Apes)

Stencils by Margaret Peot  (The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art)


Read Masterpieces in Colour: Bastien-Lepage for free online











Below, cartoonist Katie Fricas pulls together her Necromancers’ slideshow lecture on the life of Jules Bastien-Lepage, as recorded by Maia MacDonald for her Process Pieces podcast.